But it is sure nice to hear it too…


But it is sure nice to hear it too…

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Accepting Your New Role

By holding the keys to your man’s chastity device, you now have the power to ensure he remains loving, loyal, and respectful to you always.

Women throughout history have long known that most men are driven almost entirely by their penises. Because of this fact, men can be very charming, caring, and considerate to a woman in order to gain her assistance in achieving an orgasm. Once the orgasm has occurred, however, men tend to put those wonderful qualities on the backburner until the urge for sexual relief comes back. What’s more, if you refuse to assist him in achieving that relief, he’ll resort to masturbating and take care of the problem on his own.

Do you see the power of those keys now? As long as you hold them, your man’s days of masturbating are over. Furthermore, you now have the power to limit his orgasms, providing them sparingly, only when he has earned the privilege by pleasing you. You’ve become the sole proprietor of his manhood and, as such, have paved the way to making him the man you’ve always wanted.

When he looks at you now, he not only sees his girlfriend or wife, but also the only person capable of providing him with sexual relief. You, the woman, have complete control of your man’s sex – this is the way it should be. In no time flat, you’ll find him getting very huggy and kissy, buying you gifts, and offering to take you to dinner or give you a long and wonderful massage after a long day at work. Sound nice? It is.


pet-trap :

C’est mon premier animal de compagnie et son mari deuxième …

Il fait ce que je dis …

Quand je dis qu’il …



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